Vice Foreign Minister AM Fachir (Center) (Photo:
Vice Foreign Minister AM Fachir (Center) (Photo:

Indonesia to Boost Trade Cooperation with Visegrad Countries

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Sonya Michaella • 15 Februari 2019 15:07
Jakarta: Vice Foreign Minister A.M. Fachir said on Friday that Indonesia wants to enhance trade cooperation with member countries of the Visegrad group.
"Indonesia and Visegrad countries have similar goals. We want to improve cooperation opportubnities," the Indonesian diplomat said here on Friday, February 15, 2019.
"Visegrad countries must realize their potentials. They should develop their economic and trade capabilities," he added.

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Fachir said that trade between Indonesia and Visegrad countries has reached more than US$1 trillion within five years. He added that the economies should focus on trade and investment cooperation.
Established in 1991, Visegrad group is a political alliance of four Central European countries. They are Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.
Also known as Visegrad Four, the group is designed to promote military, cultural and economic cooperation in Cental Europre. The four countries are also members of the European Union (EU).
The Central Statistics Agency recorded a trade deficit of US$1.16 billion in January 2019, increasing by US$0.13 billion compared to the previous month.
Last month, Indonesia's oil and gas sector recorded a trade deficit of US$454.8 million. In addition to that, the country's non-oil and gas sector recorded a trade deficit of US$704.7 million.
Quoting BPS's data, Indonesian imports in January reached US$15.3 billion. In the meantime, Indonesian exports in January reached US$13.87 billion.
"Have Indonesia ever recorded US$1 billion deficit in January? If you ask that question, my answer is it is a big deficit. The deficit is quite deep," BPS chairman Suhariyanto told a press conference this morning.


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