Collaboration Paradigm to Guide Indonesia's ASEAN Chairmanship: Foreign Minister

Antara • 27 September 2022 16:00
Jakarta: The collaboration paradigm will guide Indonesia's chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2023, Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi said in her speech at the 77th United Nations General Assembly.
"ASEAN is an example where the collaboration paradigm is always put forward. With that spirit, Indonesia will lead ASEAN as chair next year," she stated, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.
Indonesia is committed to strengthening the unity and centrality of ASEAN so that it remains relevant and important for the people, the region, and the world, Marsudi said.

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"It is the commitment of Indonesia to reinforce ASEAN's centrality in shaping regional order in the Indo-Pacific; to forge unity as a locomotive for peace, stability, and prosperity in the region; and to ensure ASEAN matters for our peoples, for the region, and for the world," she added.
In her speech at the UN General Assembly, Marsudi expressed concern that in many places, post-war regional architecture has been built as a tool for containment and alienation.
"This phenomenon continues today with mini-lateral groupings. Many become part of a proxy war between major powers. This is not what regional architecture should be," she said.
She emphasized that regional architecture must serve as the building block for peace and stability rather than undermining them.
"ASEAN was built exactly for this (building block) purpose. We refuse to be a pawn in a new Cold War. Instead, we actively promote the paradigm of collaboration with all countries," she said.
ASEAN will also continue to seriously address the situation in Myanmar, Marsudi added.
Indonesia is deeply concerned by the military's lack of commitment to implementing the Five-Point Consensus, she said.
The consensus that was agreed upon by Myanmar and ASEAN leaders pertains to an immediate end to violence in Myanmar, dialogue between all relevant parties, the appointment of a special envoy, the distribution of humanitarian assistance by ASEAN to Myanmar, and the visit of the ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar to meet with all parties.
Furthermore, Marsudi, in her speech, emphasized that ASEAN must move forward and "not be taken hostage" by the situation in Myanmar.
"The support of the international community, in particular the neighboring countries of Myanmar, is very important to bring back democracy in Myanmar," she said.
Indonesia will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Pacific countries as well, she added.
"We will work together to address our shared challenges, including on climate change. As a Pacific nation ourselves, we want to see the Pacific as an integral part of a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Indo-Pacific," she said.



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