Pope Francis (Photo:KBRI Vatikan)
Pope Francis (Photo:KBRI Vatikan)

Representatives from NU, Muhammadiyah Meet with Pope Francis

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Sonya Michaella, Christopher Harindra • 01 November 2019 11:17
Vatican: Representative from Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), KH Marsudi Syuhud and representative from Muhammadiyah, Syamsul Anwar had the opportunity to meet with Pope Francis at the Papal Palace, The Holy See on Monday, October 28 yesterday.
The two figures were accompanied by the Indonesian Ambassador to the Vatican Holy See Agus Sriyono. The Pontifical Academy for Life invited the two to the Vatican for the signing of the Position Paper of the Abrahamic Monotheistic Religions on Matters Concerning the End of Life.
According to a written statement from the Indonesian Embassy in the Holy See to, Friday, November 1 2019, in addition to the two Indonesian representatives, this document was also signed by representatives of the Papacy, the Patriarch of Constantinople, the Rabbis of Judaism, and several scholars from various countries representing Islam.

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This document contains an appeal for decision makers and health practitioners to understand the perspectives of monotheistic religions in matters related to the termination of life.
The signing of this document is historic not only because of its importance for health sector, but also the strong commitment of adherents of the Abrahamic religions.


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