MPR Speaker Bambang Soesatyo: (Photo: MI)
MPR Speaker Bambang Soesatyo: (Photo: MI)

Indonesia, Russia to Discuss Ways to Strengthen Bilateral Ties: MPR Speaker

Antara • 27 September 2022 09:59
Jakarta: Indonesia and Russia will discuss ways to enhance bilateral ties when the chief of the Federation Council (the Upper House of the Russian Federation), Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko, visits Jakarta on October 6.
"The meeting is very important to discuss a wide range of crucial issues in the world, including ways to increase Indonesia-Russia ties," chief of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), Bambang Soesatyo, said in a written statement released in Jakarta on Monday.
The crucial issues include efforts to find a resolution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, enhance diplomatic ties between the Indonesian and Russian parliaments, and increase cooperation in the fields of investment, trade, education, and tourism, he said.

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Indonesia continues to prioritize its free and active foreign policy when it comes to tensions between Russia and Ukraine, he added.
Indonesia was among the 141 countries that supported the UN resolution calling for an end to the Russian strike in Ukraine. This does not mean that Indonesia will side with Ukraine but that its support is merely based upon humanitarian grounds and anti-war principles, the statement said.
Despite supporting the resolution, Indonesia has stuck to its stance on the promotion of human rights in conflict-plagued areas and the settlement of the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy, he said.
Indonesia abstained from voting on freezing Russia's membership of the UN General Assembly on April 7 at the UN Human Rights Council, Soesatyo informed.
The UN General Assembly needs to be cautious and not revoke the legal rights of its members before it has all the facts, he remarked.
"The UN General Assembly must not create a negative precedent that may tarnish its credibility as a respected body," he added.
The settlement of Russia-Ukraine tensions needs support from European and Asian countries. Other countries must also help push the settlement of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
He said Russia and Indonesia have established bilateral relations since 1956. Russia is one of Indonesia's important partners.
Russia's investment in Indonesia reached US$4.6 million in 2020. The investment flowed into 202 projects, mostly involving the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



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