The R20 meeting is organized to encourage discussions among world religious leaders. (Photo: MoFA)
The R20 meeting is organized to encourage discussions among world religious leaders. (Photo: MoFA)

World Religious Figures Expected to Attend R20 Forum in Bali: PBNU

Antara • 30 September 2022 20:58
Jakarta: Some 160 world inter-religious figures are expected to attend the Religion 20 (R20) Forum organized under Indonesia's G20 Presidency in Nusa Dua, Bali, in November, Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (PBNU), the organizer, stated.
"We will host no less than 160 international figures, and with some 250 domestic participants, we expect at least 400 participants in the R20 Forum," PBNU Chairperson Yahya Cholil Staquf stated
The R20 meeting, part of the G20 Sherpa Track engagement group, is organized to encourage discussions among world religious leaders, so that religion can provide a solution to various problems.

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The PBNU initiated the forum in February 2022 and has since communicated the intent with the government, he remarked, adding that following communication with various parties, including President Joko Widodo, the organization is authorized to organize the forum.
"Praise be to God, we are now waiting for the D-day, as all technical issues have been completed," Staquf said.
After attending the two-day forum, religious figures will be invited to visit Yogyakarta and Central Java on November 4-6 to complement the discussion process, he noted.
The chairperson said he will invite world religious figures to observe religious practices and harmony in Indonesia that could inspire other countries in achieving peaceful and harmonious life.
"We hope (religious harmony in Indonesia) would inspire other religious communities," Staquf remarked.
Earlier, he stated that the R20 Forum is not merely a medium to discuss and reflect on religious issues, as the forum is also expected to give rise to a movement that will become the medium to implement the consensus achieved at R20.
Staquf added that moral and spiritual values of humanity, preserving the world, environmental conscience, peace, and non-violence, would be promoted and emphasized in the forum to provide solutions to ongoing issues.


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