Exports of livestock by sea will stop on 30 April 2023. (Photo: medcom.id)
Exports of livestock by sea will stop on 30 April 2023. (Photo: medcom.id)

New Zealand to Ban Livestock Exports by Sea

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 28 September 2022 17:00
Wellington: The passing of a Bill today to end the export of livestock by sea will protect New Zealand’s reputation for world-leading animal welfare standards, New Zealand's Minister of Agriculture Damien O’Connor said.
"The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill future-proofs our economic security amid increasing consumer scrutiny across the board on production practices," O’Connor said in a media release on Wednesday.
Exports of livestock by sea will stop on 30 April 2023. 

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The Government started a review of the livestock export trade in 2019 in response to concerns the trade could be a risk to New Zealand’s reputation.
"The objective of that review was to provide New Zealanders an opportunity to reflect on how we can improve the welfare of livestock being exported," O’Connor said.
"Our primary sector exports hit a record $53 billion last year, delivering us economic security. That result is built on our hard-earned reputation and this is something we want to protect," O'connor stated.
According to O'connor, New Zealand’s remoteness means animals are at sea for extended periods, heightening their susceptibility to heat stress and other welfare-associated risks.
"Those involved in the trade have made improvements over recent years, but despite any regulatory measures we could put in place, the voyage times and the journey through the tropics to the northern hemisphere markets will always impose challenges," O’Connor said. 
O’Connor said the tragic sinking of the Gulf Livestock 1 highlighted the real risks. 
"The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee supported the ban. There are different opinions on its long-term value among farmers, how it effects New Zealand’s commitment to animal welfare, and our image in the eyes of international consumers," O’Connor said.
"The impacts on export flow will be small in the context of total primary sector exports. Live exports by sea represented approximately 0.6 percent of primary sector exports last year," O'Connor stated.



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