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Consul General in Toronto Promotes Indonesian Wooden Furniture Products

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 27 July 2021 15:58
Toronto: Indonesia has abundant sources of wood, but exporting to a country with four seasons like Canada is not easy, according to Indonesian Consul General in Toronto, Leonard F. Hutabarat.
This was stated by the Indonesian Consul General in Toronto, Leonard F. Hutabarat in his brief remarks at the launching of the Heft Home furniture showroom in Toronto last week.
Heft Home is a Canadian wholesale company that specializes in selling wooden furniture (solid wood) from Indonesia. 

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"It takes certain techniques so that the wooden furniture produced meets the quality and standards of the four seasons country. This has been proven by Heft Home Inc. Canada, which has processed Indonesian solid wood into quality products in Canada," said the diplomat in a press release issued on Tuesday.
Indonesian Consul General hopes that the launching of this showroom will further increase Indonesian wooden furniture exports to the territory of accreditation the Consulate General.
Jay Upadhyay, the owner of the company, said that Indonesia has abundant flare wood and sufficient skilled workers to process wood into quality products. 
According to market intelligence, suar wood is a type of wood that is in high demand by buyers from Canada and the United States because it is durable, has a natural and unique color and is suitable for the climate of the four seasons country. 
Meanwhile, Heft Home has an extensive global network and understands market demand in Canada. 
In order to import from Indonesia, Heft Home collaborates with Avanica Inc. a Canadian company engaged in the same field and has furniture manufacturing in Indonesia. 
A total of seven containers from Indonesia are in the process of being shipped to Canada.
Heft Home has a network of more than 1,300 furniture stores across Canada and the United States. 
The challenges faced during the current COVID-19 pandemic are the scarcity of containers and shipping costs that are higher than usual. 
On the other hand, the demand for solid wood furniture (sua rwood, teak and mahogany) is quite high in Canada and the US.
Statistics Canada recorded that Indonesia's furniture exports to Canada during January-May 2021 reached US$ 29.6 million, increased by 59% comparing to the same period in 2020. 
Meanwhile, in 2020, Indonesia's furniture exports to Canada also increased by 20% comparing to the previous year. 
The main competitors for Indonesia to export furniture products to Canada are China, Vietnam, Malaysia and India.


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