Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan, Sunarko (Photo: KBRI Khartoum)
Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan, Sunarko (Photo: KBRI Khartoum)

Indonesian Students in Sudan Urged to Sharpen Skills to Face Competition

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 12 May 2022 14:09
Khartoum: Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan, Sunarko, has conveyed the importance of Indonesian students who are currently studying in Sudan to hone their managerial skills and abilities, including in student organizations, so that they can contribute to nation building.
The statement was delivered during the Inauguration Ceremony of the Indonesian Women's Student Association (PPPI) in Sudan this week.
According to Ambassador Sunarko, the challenges faced in the future are not easy, especially in a situation of increasingly fierce global competition in all fields. 

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Therefore, Ambassador Sunarko encouraged and motivated Indonesian students to continue to hone skills and improve soft skills in various fields, including leadership and organizational management, good governance, networking, and team work in organizations.
"In addition to proud academic achievements in accordance with their fields of study and scientific disciplines, Indonesian students also need to equip themselves with reliable managerial skills to be able to take part and contribute to Indonesia's development," Ambassador Sunarko said in a press release on Thursday.
The inauguration ceremony for the Sudan PPPI Board is an annual agenda intended as a vehicle to strengthen and enhance organizational cooperation, communication, synergy, collaboration and coordination, as well as strengthen the relationship between the Sudan PPPI administrators and members, which currently number 225 Indonesian students studying in various fields.
Meanwhile, the elected Chairperson of PPPI Sudan, Melinda Retno Diningrum, expressed her gratitude for the support from the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum and emphasized the commitment of the new management to advance the organization and carry out the program of activities that had been scheduled.
The inauguration ceremony took place in an orderly manner, carried out according to the prokes and was also attended by staff from the Indonesian Embassy, ??Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP), the chairman and management of the PPI Sudan, and other members. 
The event closed with a group photo, hospitality and serving of Indonesian cuisine (meal box) for those who miss the homeland to be enjoyed at home.

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