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Indonesian Students in China Should Obey Regulations: Embassy

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Antara • 27 April 2020 22:36
Jakarta: The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing cautioned Indonesian students residing in mainland China or hometowns to not neglect duties to participate in their study programs through the online learning platforms to avoid revocation of study permits.
"Please obey and do all the compulsory assignments that the universities have given," Education and Culture Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing Yaya Sutarya noted in a statement that ANTARA received in Jakarta on Monday, April 27, 2020.
Sutarya issued the warning after several Indonesian students in mainland China received sanctions from their respective universities amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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The most serious sanction on the Indonesian students was the revocation of their study permits as international students. Consequently, they would not be allowed to return to China to continue their study programs, Sutarya pointed out.
"One more important point of concern is that please stay abreast of your academic terms and course schedules," Sutarya noted while calling on the Indonesian students to remain cautious in following the proper order for getting back to campuses.
The study permits of several international students at a university in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, had reportedly been revoked after failing to follow proper order in returning to their campuses, Sutarya revealed.
In mainland China, over 15 thousand Indonesians have registered as students. Most of them left the country in mid-January 2020 for their semester break amid the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.
Currently, some 1,700 Indonesian citizens -- mostly students -- remain in several cities in China.
The coronavirus disease, which initially struck in the Chinese city of Wuhan by the end of 2019, has since then spread to various countries across the world. (antara)

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