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Indonesia Calls for Stronger ASEAN-Italy Cooperation

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 19 November 2019 12:48
Jakarta: Speaking as a key panelist in the discussion of the Italy-ASEAN Association, the Indonesian Ambassador to Italy, Esti Andayani, presented the latest development in Indonesia and in the region, particularly the ASEAN.
“The ASEAN centrality is increasingly relevant in today's Asia Pacific geopolitics. Therefore, the ASEAN just officiated the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific last June,” she said in a press statement released on Monday, November 18, 2019.
She also emphasized a greater opportunity for ASEAN-Italy potentials of cooperation through the implementation of the ASEAN Outlook, especially when ASEAN and Italy devote high attention to development of infrastructure and connectivity.

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The Italy-ASEAN Association held an interactive discussion regarding the opportunities for cooperation between Italy and the ASEAN countries in Bookcity Milan, Italy on Friday, November 15, 2019.
The discussion was moderated by journalist Danilo Taino from Corriere Della Sera newspaper and attended by 40 people from the Italian government, business people, civil societies, academicians, and think tanks.
Besides Indonesia, the Viet Nam Embassy Representative was also present to urge Italy in increasing its investment in ASEAN region.
Ambassador Andayani also highlighted the position of ASEAN countries as emerging economies, holding capacities and capabilities to face the challenges of the current trade war.
In this case, the High-Level Dialogue on ASEAN-Italy Economic Relations becomes increasingly important to identify the consequences and potentials of cooperation for the ASEAN and Italy in amidst the trade wars.
The event was also equipped with the special launch of a book that highlights the dynamics of Indonesian political and economic life, Italy and Indonesia: Islands, Peninsulas, and Archipelagos, that was compiled by the Italy-ASEAN Association.
This bilingual (Italian and English) book is a writing compilation from the economy-political experts and observers from the two countries who exemplify how Indonesia and Italy could strengthen their cooperation as fellow G20 members.
Published in 2017, the book was launched for the second time as part of the Bookcity Milano book exhibition that took place from 8-16 November 2019.?


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