Many more students will travel in the coming months.
Many more students will travel in the coming months.

Australian Border Open to Indonesian Students: Ambassador

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 19 January 2022 15:49
Jakarta: With Australia’s borders once again open to Indonesian students, Ambassador Penny Williams farewelled a small group of Australia Awards scholarship recipients on Tuesday.
"I’m very pleased the Australian border is once again open to Indonesian students – including our Australia Awards scholars," said Ambassador Williams in a press release on Tuesday. 
"As Australians we are very proud of our world class education system, and very glad to be able to share the experience of an Australian education with our Indonesian friends," she stated.

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More than 1000 Indonesian students have already travelled to Australia since the borders opened in late 2021, with up to 118 PhD and Masters Australia Awardees travelling to Australia very soon. 
Many more students will travel in the coming months.
Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships offered by the Australian Government to the next generation of Indonesian leaders who go on to use their knowledge, skills and experiences to contribute to Indonesia’s growing prosperity.
Through study and research, recipients develop the ability to drive change in Indonesia and help build enduring people-to-people links with Australia. 
Applicants are assessed on their professional and personal qualities, academic competence and, most importantly, their potential to impact on development challenges in Indonesia.
Applications for study in 2023 will open next month.  

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