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Indonesia, UK Sign Low Carbon Energy Development Cooperation

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21 Februari 2019 11:59
Jakarta: The British and Indonesian Governments signed an agreement on low carbon energy development at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Central Jakarta on Wednesday.
The agreement establishes a cooperation framework between the UK and Indonesia to share technical knowledge, advice, skills, and expertise on low carbon energy development, based on a statement here on Wednesday. A number of programs will be delivered under this MoU: the flagship Prosperity Fund Indonesia Renewable Energy Program; and the Prosperity Fund of ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Program (Green Finance).
The UK Cross-Government Prosperity Fund aims to reduce poverty through inclusive economic growth. The funds focus is on middle-income countries, where 70 percent of the world's poor live, and where 60 percent of global growth will come by 2030. The funds budget is £1.2 billion over six years across a portfolio of strategic projects in countries where there is the highest potential for inclusive growth.

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This includes reforming key sectors, such as infrastructure and energy.
British Ambassador to Indonesia, ASEAN, and Timor Lesté Moazzam Malik signed the MoU with Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Ego Syahrial.
Malik remarked that Indonesia is working hard to ensure every Indonesian has access to energy.
"Widening energy access will help meet several challenges in one go, namely reducing poverty, growing Indonesia?s economy and businesses, and
tackling climate change," he added.
I am delighted that the UK is partnering with Indonesia to do this. Through the UK Prosperity Funds Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Programs, we are proud to be able to support Indonesia's goal to deliver energy equality, focusing on expanding access to clean energy in Eastern parts of Indonesia, the ambassador remarked.
Secretary General of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Ego Syahrial explained that Indonesia and the UK want the same thing, namely security, affordability, and sustainable energy for all.
With a strong commitment from both governments, I am confident that this collaboration would inspire more joint innovative activities in the future and drive innovation and technology development in Indonesia and the UK to at an even greater heights, he remarked. (Antara)


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