Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate. (Photo: MI/Pius Erlangga)
Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate. (Photo: MI/Pius Erlangga)

Indonesia, Bulgaria Discuss Potential Cooperation in Digital Sector

Antara • 27 June 2022 22:12
Jakarta: Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate met with Bulgarian Ambassador for Indonesia Petar Andonov to discuss potential cooperation in the digital sector between Indonesia and Bulgaria.
During a press conference at the Communication and Informatics Ministry's Office, here on Monday, Plate noted that this encompassed cooperation in research and development in the digital sector.
Moreover, cybersecurity became one of the focus areas of discussion between Plate and Andonov. Potential cooperation, either through bilateral cooperation or through other arrangements, can mutually bolster the digital space between countries.

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This potential cooperation can become a good opportunity for Indonesia and Bulgaria to create a safe digital space for the people and to prevent cybercrimes that occurred in several countries in recent times.
"We certainly welcome cooperation whether through bilateral arrangement or to have Bulgaria act as a gateway for the European Union," the minister remarked.
"Indonesia's digital economy has a very high growth. This certainly draws the interest of the business world and the digital sector in Bulgaria," he stated.
Indonesia opens a wide space for cooperation by continuing to prioritize successful management of the digital space, he noted.
Meanwhile, Andonov remarked that Bulgaria has a positive outlook on the discussion with Indonesia.
Bulgaria, as a home for digital, technological, and informatics innovations in Southeast Europe, opens itself to forging cooperation with Indonesia.
This cooperation can not only be established between stakeholders but also between businesses, such as cooperation between start-ups or other technology companies.
He opined that Indonesia and Bulgaria can cooperate in various areas, including research and development, experience exchange, as well as digitalization- and cyber security-related exchange in future.
Earlier, Plate also met with South Korean Interior and Safety Minister Lee Sang-Min to discuss cooperation in developing a national data center. 

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