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Illustration ( Rizal)

Bandar Lampung City Receives Award from BPS

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Antara • 19 August 2020 12:56
Bandar Lampung: The Bandar Lampung City received "the Best City for Online Population Census" Award from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) to acknowledge its successful feat of outdoing the government-designated target.
"Of course, we express our gratitude to the Bandalrlampung city government for its success in conducting the online population census with (a participation rate of) 33 percent, well above the central government-set target of 22 percent," Chief of the BPS Office in Lampung Province Faizal Anwar noted here on Tuesday.
However, Anwar remarked that the population census had yet to be completed and will be continued in September 2020 through undertaking direct visits to the houses of residents or knocking at the doors of households in the capital of Lampung Province. Hence, the success of the census hinges critically on the city government's support.

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"Only 33 percent (of the city's residents) have taken the online census. Hence, we will collect the data of those not having taken the census in September, and we need support from the government to conduct the census without exception," he stated.
Anwar acknowledged the fact that census workers would encounter some degree of difficulty in conducting door-to-door census in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. Hence, public awareness is necessary to give good responses by providing accurate data to census workers.
"Of course, our census workers will carry ID cards and wear personal protective equipment. They will also take rapid tests for covid-19 to ensure that they are safe to perform their duties," he revealed.
Anwar expressed hope that all city residents would take the direct census through which the count of Bandar Lampung resident card holders and non-card holders will be established.
"Based on the data, the government will draft policies. Hence, do not blame the government if the policies do not align with the interests of those, who did not take the census," he added. (antara)

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