Communications and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate (
Communications and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate (

Indonesia Becomes Nation with Largest Satellite Management Worldwide: Minister

Antara • 14 October 2022 19:21
Batam: The Communication and Informatics Ministry has driven efforts to make Indonesia as one of the countries with the largest satellite management as compared to several nations with similar global disposition.
“Right now, we will be the largest satellite operator among the few countries in the world. Next year, two satellite units will be launched, High Throughput Satellites (communication satellites that provide higher data transfer), with a capacity of 2x150 gigabits per second, to support satellite needs in Indonesia," Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate stated during a visit to Batam, Riau Islands Province, on Friday, October 14.
The two satellites will be launched in order to support the progress in digital transformation in Indonesia, according to Plate.

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In comparison, Indonesia currently only uses eight satellites, with a total capacity of only 50 gigabits per second, to support the overall national telecommunications and digital needs, he pointed out.
“Next year, the ones launched (will have a total capacity of) 300 gigabits per second, six times eight of the current capacity. This is to enable public internet access in Indonesia, which amounted to hundreds of thousands," he explained.
The minister noted that Indonesia currently had only 500 thousand public service points while emphasizing the need to provide internet access for some 150 thousand public service points.
In addition, the increase in internet access was aimed at supporting educational and medical service facilities.
“More than 100 thousand schools will be provided direct internet access by satellite that is financed by the government, and this is free to use to improve education throughout Indonesia. Internet access for medical facilities in all regions in Indonesia will also be improved," he remarked.
In addition to satellites, the minister noted that through this digital transformation, the government had also contributed in establishing connectivity for extreme digital infrastructure networks to all corners of the country.
"We will be connecting fiber optic points throughout Indonesia that are not yet connected. Currently, 460 thousand kilometers of fiber optics have been installed on land and at sea. That is more than 11 times the world's length,” Plate stated.

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