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Indonesia's Digital Economy Will Grow Eight-Fold by 2030: Minister

Antara • 11 June 2021 16:31
Jakarta: Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi has predicted Indonesia’s digital economy will grow eight-fold from Rp632 trillion in 2020 to Rp4,531 trillion in 2030.
"E-commerce will play a crucial role (by contributing) 34 percent, or Rp1,900 trillion (to the digital economy)," he said following a limited meeting at the Presidential Palace here on Thursday.
Meanwhile, the business-to-business digital economy is projected to contribute 13 percent, or Rp763 trillion, and technology-based health services (health-tech) are expected to contribute 8 percent, or Rp471 trillion, to the digital economy, he added.

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"These are parts of what we have discussed that our e-commerce has a very high level playing field," he said.
In other sectors, economic activities that adapt to digital technology will also support the growth of the national gross domestic product (GDP) in 10 years' time, such as online travel, online media, and digital transport services, he predicted.
"We realize that the Indonesian digital economy has good prospects. In 2020, the digital economy contributed 4 percent of the GDP. In 10 years' time, or by 2030, the GDP will grow from Rp15,400 trillion to Rp24,000 trillion," he said.
As a large populous nation, Indonesia will play an important role in the digital economy of Southeast Asia, Lutfi said.
The contribution of the Indonesian digital economy to the GDP will be 55 percent higher than that of ASEAN, or equivalent to Rp323 trillion, and will grow to Rp417 trillion in 2030, he projected.
"Indonesia's GDP from digital economy will be 55 percent higher than that of ASEAN in 2030, when it grows to Rp417 trillion from Rp323 trillion," he said.


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