Jakarta skyline (Photo: MI)
Jakarta skyline (Photo: MI)

Gopay Most Widely Used Digital Wallet in Indonesia: Research

Antara • 29 November 2022 15:49
Jakarta: Research conducted by InsightAsia has shown that Gopay is the most widely used digital wallet in Indonesia, with 71 percent of digital wallet users having used the service.
According to the research entitled “Consistency That Leads: E-Wallet Industry Outlook 2023,” 58 percent of digital wallet users have continued to use Gopay faithfully until now. The financial technology service owned by PT Goto Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) has, over the past five years, become the most consistently used digital wallet platform by consumers.
There are five main factors that enable a digital wallet brand to lead the market: it must be safe to use and ensure that consumer balances are protected; it must be easy and convenient to use for transactions; it must offer free monthly usage limits; and it can be used to pay for daily needs to the fullest, InsightAsia research director Olivia Samosir said in a statement issued in Jakarta on Monday.

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"The ability to meet these needs makes a brand able to gain the highest trust from consumers," she added.
This cannot be achieved in a short period of time to win consumer preference, but need to be supported with consistently good performance on an ongoing basis.
"Consistency in delivering or meeting these needs will ultimately create a pleasant consumer experience and make consumers loyal to continue using the brand," she observed.
After Gopay, the second most widely used digital wallet brand is OVO, with 70 percent of respondents saying they have used it and 53 percent saying they have used it in the past three months.
The final position in the top three most widely used digital wallets was claimed by Dana, with 61 percent of respondents having used it, but not including it in the top three categories of wallets used in the past three months, and ShopeePay, which was used by 51 percent of the respondents in the past three months, but was not included in the top three categories of wallets used.
The respondents who participated in the research had more than one digital wallet.
GoPay's success in becoming the most widely used digital wallet by people is due to its being a part of the GoTo ecosystem, which provides the services needed by today's digital society, an economist at the University of Indonesia, Fitra Faisal, observed.
The existence of a payment system in the form of GoPay in the ecosystem makes it easier for users to make transactions.
"Because GoPay is present on a multi-platform platform that can do everything, so by being in the ecosystem, it has its own advantages. And that really helps users. So, the key is staying relevant," Faisal explained.
He noted that the digital economy has developed very quickly of late and has the potential to continue to grow in the future, so various interrelated aspects related to payments, services, and others will be key to boosting the information and communication technology (ICT) sector.
The growth of the ICT sector can encourage growth in other sectors as well as the national economy as a whole.
According to Samosir, the results of the research have shown that digital wallets are increasingly becoming the most preferred payment method for the Indonesian digital community compared to cash payment methods and bank transfers.
However, to remain a core player and continue to lead the market, consistency is needed by players in the field in three aspects.
The first is not just being a pioneer in delivering the service, but putting in investment, making innovations, and ensuring consistency (reliability). The second is delivering or presenting what is really needed by consumers. And the third is continuing to explore consumer needs (innovation).



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