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Indonesia, UK Extend Partnership in Science and Technology

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Antara • 05 August 2020 17:15
Jakarta: The governments of Indonesia and the United Kingdom agreed to extend partnerships in science and technology until 2025.
Minister of Research and Technology/Head of the Indonesian National Research and Innovation Agency Bambang P. S. Brodjonegoro and UK Minister of Science, Research, and Innovation Amanda Solloway MP inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on extending the partnership here on Wednesday.
"The extension of partnerships in science and innovation in the long run will enhance Indonesia's ability to develop a knowledge-based economy and help it to compete in the global market," Brodjonegoro noted.

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The minister highlighted that the Indonesian government had put forth a proposal for further cooperation between both nations in the development of science and technology focused on research in the field of health, especially those related to producing vaccines, medicines, medical devices, and other facilities required to support the acceleration of covid-19 countermeasures.
Furthermore, the minister expounded that research collaboration can prioritize the fields of new and renewable energy, tourism, transportation, and others that support economic development and boost the welfare of the two countries.
"This collaboration is directed at supporting research based on scientific excellence in fields that produce as much contribution as possible to the economic development of the two countries," Brodjonegoro.
The minister also explained that the MoU on partnership between the Indonesian and British governments would also serve as an umbrella for the implementation of research and innovation cooperation between research institutions and universities.
"We are optimistic that this opportunity will offer us the momentum to be more productive in working and provide solutions to solve global problems," he explained.
The Indonesian government remains committed to intensifying the development of research and innovation to support economic growth, including through partnerships with the British government.
Collaborative research between Indonesia and the UK encompasses research on boosting crop yields and agricultural resilience to climate change, strengthening defenses and the ability to detect extreme weather, and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.
Brodjonegoro pointed out that in recent years, the Newton Fund partnership had succeeded in enhancing research and innovation cooperation that has proven beneficial for both nations.
"We will take a cue from the Newton Fund collaboration model in the application of our other international science partnerships," he affirmed.
Partnership between Indonesia and the UK in the field of science and technology initiated since 2014 has resulted in over 22 research funding competitions through 15 research and innovation programs. The collaboration has resulted in 2,205 joint publications during the period from 2015 to 2019.
UK Minister for Science, Research and Innovation Amanda Solloway MP stressed the importance of collaboration in the field of science and technology during the global crisis arising from the covid-19 pandemic.
"I feel proud to be able to extend the UK partnership with Indonesia to continue working together to overcome global challenges, right from preventing the spread of infectious diseases in future to reducing the global carbon footprint," he added. (antara)

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