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Deputy Minister Endorses Digital Transformation amid Covid-19 Challenge

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Antara • 12 August 2020 17:21
Jakarta: Deputy Finance Minister Suahasil Nazara has encouraged digital transformation since the emergence of the covid-19 has given rise to novel perspectives on working and conducting activities.
"It is our collective duty to encourage and think about what type of digital transformation we must formulate and implement," he noted during an online discussion in Jakarta on Wednesday.
Nazara affirmed that the spirit of digital transformation had been echoed since several years, but it cannot be fully practiced since people are yet accustomed to the old manner of working.

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On the other hand, the minister pointed out that digital transformation had become a necessity since the emergence of this pandemic.
Consequently, people were left with no choice but to adapt to technological developments.
“We do not feel that digital transformation is the central agenda in our reform governance. However, the covid-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to encourage it in the context of necessity,” he expounded.
Nazara cited as an example a New Thinking of Working concept applied in the Ministry of Finance to build a new, more effective and efficient work culture since the past three years.
"This has been applied since the past three years, but the last six months have been immensely useful since we are compelled and obligated in the wake of this covid-19 pandemic," he noted.
Furthermore, the minister stated that digital transformation also expedited the way in which things work like what the Ministry of Finance did during the virtual discussion and formulation of Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) No. 1 of 2020.
"The approved Perppu turns into a law that we can formulate and discuss virtually," he affirmed.
However, Suahasil believes several preparations are mandated in the era of digital transformation, particularly pertaining to governance and regulations since it involves the personal data of individuals or agencies.
"New governance and regulations are necessary to ensure standard operating procedures, confidentiality of work, and effectiveness," he noted.
Furthermore, he emphasized that digital transformation should further boost the people's productivity since the manner of working is more effective and efficient than before.
"It should also be able to encourage the effectiveness of our work and boost our output," he added. (antara)

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