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Ministry Optimizes Gaming Industry Potential amid Pandemic

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 02 July 2020 12:50
Jakarta: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy encouraged creative economy players to optimize the potential of gaming industry in Indonesia amidst the pandemic period.
“It is different from other tourism and creative economy industries affected by the covid-19, according to data released by the Indonesian Game Industry (AGI), the growth of game developers in Indonesia rose by 10-20 percent amid the pandemic due to the surge in use of digital platforms in the public, especially the game fans,” Director of Creative Industry, Film, Television, and Animation for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Syaifullah said in a release on Wednesday.
He participated in a Tourism and Creative Economy Chat Series Webinar themed “The Great Potential of Gaming Industry in Indonesia” on Tuesday.

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He explained that the gaming industry in Indonesia has a great potential to develop and compete in the international market. In 2017, application and game developers contributed 1.93 percent or Rp 19,115.1 billion to the Gross Domestic Product in Indonesia’s creative economy sector.
“This sector can also absorb 44,733 workers in application and game developer sub sectors in the same year,” he stated.
However, he explained that the gaming industry is not merely without problems.  Piracy, cyber security, and equitable access to telecommunications are among the obstacles faced by this industry.
TThe Indonesian Game Association (AGI) together with Indonesian Institute of Sciences and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology are conducting national research to find out the latest condition of the Indonesian Gaming Industry Ecosystem, because the availability of accurate data is an important point for the government in formulating appropriate policies for the development of the national gaming ecosystem.
Various supports are continued to be carried out in order to develop the gaming industry in Indonesia. Currently, the government is pursuing various strategic initiatives to support the gaming industry to skyrocket from year to year and make local games as the host in the national gaming industry.
One of the ways is by presenting an incentive scheme. In addition, various game events are also organized, such as the Esports President Cup in February 2020 and ‘GELORA 2020’ (Indonesian Local Creation Game) that is being organized and receive a warm welcome from the public.
“We see that there are many local talents and original game developers concept coming from various regions in Indonesia. In addition to obtain government’s support, we have also seen a number of big companies begin to seriously develop the game sector by sponsoring several eSport teams in Indonesia. This is a good synergy so that the ecosystem of game industry is going better,” he said.

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