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Digital Access Key to Accelerating Economic Recovery in Indonesia: Ministry

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Antara • 28 September 2021 19:06
Jakarta: Digital access is the key to expediting economic recovery amid the covid-19 pandemic, according to Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) Mira Tayyiba.
"Citizens, who can access and use digital services productively, can recover quicker than those who cannot access (digital services)," Tayyiba noted during the "Gratitude and Reflection on the 20th Anniversary of Kominfo" event, Tuesday.
The ministry's secretary general remarked that economic activities affected by the pandemic, which has restricted people's interaction and mobility, could be facilitated through digital technology, including e-commerce platforms.

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The Indonesian government recorded e-commerce transactions in the first three months of 2021 to reach 548 million, with a nominal value of Rp88 trillion. Meanwhile, transactions during the first semester or the initial six months of this year reached Rp186.7 trillion, and by the end of this year, the number of transactions is estimated to touch Rp395 trillion.
Tayyiba also called to quickly and adequately address the current COVID-19 pandemic . One of the likely impacts of the pandemic that necessitates immediate response is the digital paradox that causes the gap among members of the community to widen, she pointed out.
"Digital access could reduce inequality. For instance, the quality of education and health services is expected to be more evenly distributed across Indonesia with the help of distance consultation or distance learning through digital access," she remarked.
To this end, Tayyiba noted that the ministry was currently accelerating the provision of internet access, including through the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) program, Satria Satellite, Palapa Ring Integration, farming and refarming of radio frequency spectrum, broadcasting digitization, as well as by introducing infrastructure and spectrum sharing policies.
"We are also improving digital literacy and skills, both targeting the wider community and the more segmented targets. We are also keeping the digital space clean and ethical, so that it can be used productively,” she affirmed.
In addition, the ministry uses various global forums as platforms to fight for the interests and views of Indonesia. Starting from December 1 to a year ahead, it will lead the Digital Economy Working Group in Indonesia's G20 presidency.
“We also continue to make internal improvements, enhance our mindset, strengthen collaboration, and hone our empathy. In challenging times like this, we must be present as a solution and not as part of the problem," Tayyiba affirmed.

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