Rudiantara visit to Silicon Valley
Rudiantara visit to Silicon Valley

US Serious for Startup Investment in Indonesia

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Mohammad Mamduh • 30 October 2015 15:51, Jakarta: In a visit to Silicon Valley, USA, Minister of Communication and Informatics Rudiantara witnessed the signing of investments from US Venture Capital Richmond Global, as well as presentation from 500 Startups and Venox, which describe their investments in Indonesia, Thursday (10/29/2015).
Richmond Global, which cooperates with Gobi Venture, led the investment as much as US$8 billion in the Food Discovery Indonesia company: Qraved. 500 Startups has invested for more than US$2 billion in 12 companies in Indonesia, such as Hijub, Tees,, Alo Dokter, Kudo, Fabelio and YesBoss.
Aside from investing in Hijub and Alo Dokter, Venox has also invested in Bridestory, as well as many other investments. It has joined series of seminars to build the startup ecosystem in Indonesia. The founder, Anis Uzzaman, has written a book titled StartupPedia, containing the Indonesian startups.

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In the event, Dave McClure, the founder of 500 Startups also elaborated the initial roadmap of startup ecosystem supported by 500 Startups, program Accelerator, investment program in Seed series, as well as Distro Dojo, to boost the successful companies to a higher level. Dave also announced his plans to build a special fund of investment in Indonesia.
Lastly, Microsoft also introduced their program, along with the Accelerator program of 500 Startups (and 7 other accelerators) to boost the startup, including a grant of free software and hosting (worth US$360,000 for three years), added with the references to large companies that are Microsoft's clients.


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