Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Yudo Margono (Photo: nila hastika)
Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Yudo Margono (Photo: nila hastika)

Yudo Margono Shares Vision for Shaping TNI as Patriotic Institution

Antara • 02 December 2022 21:08
Jakarta: The candidate for the post of commander of the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI), Admiral Yudo Margono, outlined his vision of shaping TNI as a patriotic institution during his fit and proper test on Friday.
He said that he will continue to develop the TNI to make the Indonesian people and nation respected in the world.
“(I will focus on) Making TNI a patriot of the Republic of Indonesia, which means TNI soldiers in the three dimensions, who are professional, modern, and resilient for the integrity of Indonesia," Margono said during his fit and proper test at the Parliament Complex here .

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To realize his vision, he said he will focus on strengthening the tri-matra (three dimensions) of TNI.
The tri-matra vision envisages TNI as the main defense component of the nation, he explained. The three dimensions are the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, who are solid, strong, and loyal to the republic.
To shape TNI into a national defense that can face all threats, he said he expects that professional TNI soldiers will be equipped with modern defense systems.
According to him, to realize the vision of "TNI as the patriot of the Republic of Indonesia,” he will carry out four priority programs, the first of which will be accelerating the development of TNI's human resources.
"The development of TNI human resources in each assignment is based on professionalism and a tough spirit. Human resources have always been my first priority because they are the basic capital in TNI development," he said.
The second program will be increasing the operational readiness of personnel and the main defense system, while the third priority program will be to strengthen the TNI Defense Area Joint Command concept, he informed.
"Fourth, strengthen the bureaucratic reforms and TNI culture to support its duties and responsibilities to uphold the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia," he added.


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