Jakarta MRT station (Photo:Medcom.id/Dian Ihsan Siregar)
Jakarta MRT station (Photo:Medcom.id/Dian Ihsan Siregar)

MRT Projected to Reduce 5,600 Cars Plying on Road: Police

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18 Juni 2019 21:01
Jakarta: Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), the latest means of public transportation in Indonesia's traffic-choked capital city of Jakarta, is assessed to lessen nearly 5,600 private vehicles plying on the road.
"The MRT can transport 17 to 18 thousand people daily. A private car can carry at least two to three people, so it will reduce the number to some 5,600 private cars," Commissioner Muhammad Nasir, head of the Jakarta Police's sub-directorate for law enforcement, remarked here Tuesday.
It is indicative of the fact that the MRT can operationally reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

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"The MRT, Transjakarta, and later Light Rail Transit (LRT) will indeed lessen the traffic on the road," he emphasized.
In the meantime, the implementation of the odd-even number system on Jakarta's main roads has also been quite beneficial in lessening congestion in the capital city.
"Application of the odd-even number system coupled with the opening and closing of access to roads are quite helpful in the interim, but in the long-term, the concept must have a fundamental solution in building a transportation system," Nasir explained.
The results of a survey conducted by the Research and Development Agency (R & D) of the Ministry of Transportation on the odd-even number system during the 2018 Asian Games indicated that 24 percent of private vehicle users had opted for means of public transportation.
Of the 24 percent of people, who began traveling by means of public transportation, 38 percent chose mass public transportation services, such as Transjakarta or public buses and electric train services.
Meanwhile, the other 39 percent people opted for non-mass public transportation services, such as online taxis or motorcycle taxis, while 7.5 percent of them used regular taxi services. (Antara)


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