The capital authority head must have the capability and competence. (Photo:
The capital authority head must have the capability and competence. (Photo:

Jokowi Urged to Be Prudent in Selecting Capital Authority Head

Antara • 24 February 2022 18:34
Jakarta: President Joko Widodo must exercise prudence in selecting the head of the first capital authority for the new capital, Nusantara, and judge candidates by capability and experience, Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR RI)  Puan Maharani said.
"The President must be prudent in selecting the head of the capital authority by observing the qualifications necessary to develop a smart, green, sustainable, and beautiful new capital," Maharani remarked in a statement issued in Jakarta on Thursday.
The capital authority head must have the capability and competence to commit to the mammoth task of developing the new capital city, she noted.

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The capital authority head must be capable of translating plans and design concepts properly to ensure consistent development implementation with the envisioned goal, she highlighted.
"The leadership of the new capital Nusantara must also understand the sustainable development concept, particularly as the national capital relocation is a long-term commitment," Maharani said.
She further said that public confidence in the candidate must also be considered before the President makes his final pick.
"Despite the appointment being within the Presidential prerogatives, the appointed official must have the confidence of the public," the speaker added.
Public confidence in the new capital authority head is essential, as the parliament and the public would continue monitoring all aspects relevant to the capital relocation process to ensure the new capital is realized as envisioned, Maharani remarked.
The new capital authority head must be able to meet public expectations while referring to the National Capital Bill in performing their mandate and learn from challenges faced during development to enhance the new capital in the future, she added.

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