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West Java Police Committed to Eradicating Jemaah Islamiyah's Influence

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Aditya Prakasa • 22 Juli 2019 14:45
Bandung: West Java Police head Inspector General Rudi Sufahriadi has said that the law enforcement agency will tackle radical groups in the province.
"Radicalism is pervasive in West Java," the police official said here on Monday.
According to him, West Java is the stronghold of Jemaah Islamiyah. In order to tackle the issue, authorities will increase public awareness about radicalism.

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"I and Vice Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum will conduct activities to eradicate radical views. We will try new measures. We will visit schools and mosques," he explained.
Jemaah Islamiyah is a militant extremist group in Southeast Asia. It is a transnational organization with cells in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.
The group is thought to have links with Al-Qaeda, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT). It has been designated as a terrorist group by the United Nations (UN) and a number of countries.
The group carried out the 2002 Bali bombings and several other terror attacks. The current emir of the group, Para Wijayanto, was arrested by Indonesian police in Bekasi, West Java last month.


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