In Southeast Asia, most of the FMD handling is conducted through vaccination. (Photo:
In Southeast Asia, most of the FMD handling is conducted through vaccination. (Photo:

Early Stage of FMD Vaccination in Indonesia Targeted to be Completed by Mid-September

Antara • 12 August 2022 17:44
Jakarta: The Indonesian government aims to complete the early stage of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccination on livestock in Indonesia by mid-September of 2022.
"We aim to complete the two early stages of distribution and vaccination, with three million doses, by this month or mid-September at the latest," government spokesperson for FMD Handling Wiku Adisasmito stated here on Friday.
The government distributed three million doses of FMD vaccine at the early stage that was divided into two phases, he revealed.

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For the first phase, 800 thousand doses were distributed and administered to livestock, while in the second phase, 2.2 million doses are being distributed and begun to be administered to livestock.
The administration of 800 thousand doses of vaccination was conducted from June to July 2022. In Indonesia, the number of new FMD cases started to be brought under control, thereby demonstrating the vaccine's capability of stemming the spread of FMD, he remarked.
According to Adisasmito, Indonesia mimics the FMD handling measures of countries exposed to the plague first by adjusting to the latest domestic conditions.
"In Southeast Asia, most of the FMD handling is conducted through vaccination. Study has shown that the FMD vaccine is capable of reducing the financial impacts for farmers in Southeast Asia," he explained.
In addition to importing FMD vaccines from five foreign companies, the government collaborates with local vaccine producers to meet the vaccine demand quickly and easily.
"The government strives to expedite vaccine procurement. It also plans to import raw materials for domestically produced vaccines, as local pharmaceutical companies also have the capability to produce large quantity of vaccines," he stated.
Earlier, during a press conference on FMD Handling on Thursday, Adisasmito also stated that the government continues to improve the accuracy of the FMD case reporting system.



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