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Dozens of Cattle in NTT's East Sumba Die of Starvation: Regent

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Antara • 17 Februari 2020 22:13
Kupang: Dozens of cattle, especially horses, belonging to farmers in East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province, have reportedly died of starvation.
"The death of dozens of cattle was caused by a lack of animal feed in the district," East Sumba Regent Gideon Mbilijora told ANTARA on Monday, February 17, 2020.
However, the regent mentioned that the number of dead cattle is not more than a hundred.

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"We are still checking to find out the exact number of dead cattle based on reports from farmers," the East Sumba leader said.
Mbilijora argued that East Sumba -- one of the largest livestock barns in NTT province -- was unable to meet the needs of animal feed this year due to an unpredictable rainy season, which caused the grass in the field to become parched. Mbilijora further said that cows and buffaloes can survive by consuming leaves. However, horses only rely on grass, so most of them have died of starvation.
According to him, the area with the most dead horses in the district was Hambapraing, a village in the East of Sumba island which is famous for its horse ranches.
Responding to the situation, the East Sumba regency government continues to encourage farmers to ferment and grow the animal feed themselves. (Antara)


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