The 2023 State Budget is prepared to encourage development. (Photo:
The 2023 State Budget is prepared to encourage development. (Photo:

Indonesia's 2023 State Budget Prepared to Anticipate Turmoil: Jokowi

Antara • 16 August 2022 19:05
Jakarta: The Indonesian government has designed the 2023 State Budget to be vigilant, anticipatory, and responsive to various possible dynamics that can potentially cause turmoil, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated.
"The design of expenditure, income, and financing must be flexible to provide adequate fiscal space. This aims to anticipate uncertainty in the future," the president noted during his state budget speech on the 2023 Financial Note and Draft State Budget at the Parliamentary Complex, here on Tuesday.
According to the president, the 2023 State Budget should be able to allay doubts, generate optimism, and support the achievement of development targets, with high vigilance.

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The State Budget must also continue to act as a driving force for growth and serve as a counter-cyclical instrument, Jokowi affirmed.
In the midst of global uncertainty, the head of state explained that the 2023 fiscal architecture was designed to strengthen the foundation of the economy in facing current and future challenges.
Hence, the fiscal policy in 2023 is directed to support increased productivity for an inclusive and sustainable economic transformation, Jokowi stated.
In his remarks, the head of state emphasized that the 2023 State Budget is focused on five main agendas comprising strengthening the quality of superior human resources that are productive, innovative, and competitive through improving the quality of education and health systems as well as accelerating reform of the social protection system.
Second, the 2023 State Budget is aimed at expediting infrastructure development to support economic transformation, especially in the fields of energy, food, connectivity, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
Third, the president noted that the State Budget is focused on bolstering effectiveness in the implementation of bureaucratic reforms and simplifying regulations.
"Four, to implement industrial revitalization by encouraging downstreaming to increase economic activities, with high added value, and to be export-based," he remarked.
Lastly, the 2023 State Budget is prepared to encourage development, especially in the green economy.



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