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Police to Maintain Health Protocols during Regional Elections

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 29 September 2020 13:30
Jakarta: The National Police Chief General Idham Aziz has been ordered to strictly maintain the implementation of health protocols during simultaneous regional elections which will take place in December.
“The President called on Chief of Police to strictly maintain the health protocol during the implementation of the regional elections. So that the regional election will not become new cluster of infection,” Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto was quoted by the Cabinet Secretariat's website as saying.
Furthermore, Airlangga, who also serves as Chair of the Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery Working Committee, revealed that the recovery rate for covid-19 patients in Indonesia has improved and the death rate has begun to decline.

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Compared to the global average, according to him, Indonesia’s condition is relatively better.
“The death and recovery rate for covid-19 is relatively good, with the recovery rate at 73.77 percent or equivalent to the global rate. Then the death rate is 3.77 percent and the active cases rate has reached 22.46 percent,” Airlangga was quoted as saying.
Regarding the availability of treatment beds, Airlangga said that of the 46,705 beds, 21,619 beds are occupied, or the occupancy rate is 46.29 percent.
The occupancy rates in the nine priority provinces are: East Java at 41.8 percent, Jakarta at 60.6 percent, West Java at 55.1 percent, Central Java at 40.3 percent, North Sumatra at 45 percent, South Sulawesi at 29.4 percent, Bali at 61.6 percent, South Kalimantan at 33.4 percent, and Papua at 37.6 percent.

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