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Jakarta Police Close Down 211 Restaurants for Violating Covid-19 Protocols

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Siti Yona Hukmana • 25 September 2020 18:40
Jakarta: Jakarta police have closed down as many as 211 restaurants for violating covid-19 protocols, according to the Jakarta Metro Police spokesperson Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus.
"We have sealed 211 restaurants and similar businesses," the Jakarta Metro Police official said here on Friday.
According to the police official, the operation is based on Governor's Regulation Number 88 Year 2020 on the implementation of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in Jakarta Special Capital Region. The Jakarta provincial government decided to reimpose PSBB measures earlier this month. The policy is expected to help tackle the spread of covid-19 in Indonesia's capital.

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"The 211 restaurants still tried to provide dine-in services," Yusri explained.
On Friday, the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Jakarta increased by 1,289 to 68,925. 12,898 of them are active covid-19 patients.
As of today, as many as 54,352 patients in Jakarta have recovered from covid-19. The covid-19 recovery rate in Indonesia's capital is 78.9 percent.
Meanwhile, as many as 1,677 patients in the province have succumbed to the diseases. The case fatality rate (cfr) in the region is 2.4 percent.

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