Donggala is located directly opposite to East Kalimantan. (Photo:
Donggala is located directly opposite to East Kalimantan. (Photo:

Central Sulawesi province Readies Food Area for IKN Nusantara's Food Supply

Antara • 08 April 2022 17:31
Palu: The Central Sulawesi provincial government has readied a 30 thousand-hectare Nusantara food area in the sub-districts of Sindue and Sindue Tobata in Donggala District to support food supply in the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara.
"We have conducted land review and identification. We are expecting this land to be able to produce food crops and for horticulture, plantations, and other agricultural sector products," Head of the Central Sulawesi Food Crops and Horticulture District, Nelson Metubun, stated on Friday.
Metubun noted that Governor of Central Sulawesi, Rusdy Mastura, was keen that the area provide food supply for IKN Nusantara in East Kalimantan.

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His side chose Donggala as a food area for IKN Nusantara since it was located directly opposite to East Kalimantan, where the distribution of commodities by sea was quite close.
Hence, in supporting the food supply for IKN Nusantara, Metubun deemed it necessary to support adequate infrastructure development, from road access to ferry ports, as the Central Sulawesi government plans to build a port in the Tambu area.
In addition, the local government has opened a direct road to the Kasimbar-Tambu toll road, connecting the districts of Donggala and Parigi Moutong as an industrial distribution route that will eventually lead to Kasimbar Port.
"We are also aligning the preparations for increasing production with the readiness of infrastructure being prepared by related agencies as part of a large team in meeting the national food needs," he stated.
Apart from Sindue and Sindue Tobata sub-districts, the local government has also readied land for development in the Talaga area, Donggala, as part of the IKN Nusantara food area, with an area of approximately 1,123.59 hectares, according to the Central Sulawesi Governor Decree Number 504/117.1/DBMPR-G.ST/2022, which stipulates Talaga Village as a food area for the national food supply improvement program.
"We are also striving to include the village food center to participate in providing agricultural commodities, including in Buol, Tolitoli, Sigi, and Parigi Moutong districts," he concluded.

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