We Won't Hesitate to Shoot Dead Dangerous Terror Suspects: Police Chief
National Police chief General Tito Karnavian (Photo:Medcom/Ilham Wibowo)
Jakarta: The National Police has prepared stricter measures to eradicate networks of terrorist cells.

According to the National Police chief General Tito Karnavian, the Special Detachment 88 Anti-Terror (Densus 88) has detected various terror groups accross regions. It has carried out a series of raids in several regions.

In the past three months, around 200 suspected terrorists were arrested by Densus 88 members. Around 20 suspected terrorists were shot dead after threatening police officers and civilians.

"If they have knives, swords, firearms and bombs, we will not use soft approaches," said the former National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) head in Jakarta on Monday.

"If you are not affraid to kill our officers, you must be ready to die," he added.

According to him, his personnel are protected by national and international regulations. They are allowed to use deadly force when facing dangerous suspected terrorists.

"If they harm our officers, we will use deadly force," he added.


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