The increase in the prices of chili peppers was due to the fact that the weather was not very supportive. (Photo:
The increase in the prices of chili peppers was due to the fact that the weather was not very supportive. (Photo:

Chili Pepper Prices Heated Up June inflation: BPS Head

Antara • 01 July 2022 19:00
Jakarta: Chili peppers contributed significantly to the 0.61 percent month-to-month (mtm) increase in inflation recorded in June this year, according to Statistics Indonesia (BPS).
"According to the expenditure category, the food, beverages, and tobacco categories (contributed to inflation) the most, as much as 0.47 percent, or 1.77 percent inflation (mtm). The commodity which caused this thing to be the most significant contributor to inflation is chili peppers, which contributed as much as 0.24 percent," head of Statistics Indonesia, Margo Yuwono, said at a press conference, which was accessed from here on Friday.
In the food, beverages, and tobacco categories, capsicum frutescens and shallots also had a notable impact on inflation, contributing as much as 0.10 and 0.08 percent (mtm), respectively.

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The increase in the prices of chili peppers, capsicum frutescens, and shallots was due to the fact that the weather was not very supportive—it rained heavily in some production centers, which led to harvest failure and comprised supply, he said.
Meanwhile, transport expenditure contributed as much as 0.04 percent to the June inflation mtm. Of the 0.04 percent, 0.03 percent was contributed by airplane tariffs, which recorded an increase on the back of rising jet fuel prices.
"The increase in air transportation tariffs was caused by the increase in jet fuel prices, of which the government allowed for price adjustments, Apart from that, there was also an increase in demand due to the relaxation in travel requirements," Yuwono informed.
On an annual basis, the June inflation was recorded at 4.35 percent on account of an increase in commodities prices in the foods, beverages, and tobacco categories.
"When you see it, the biggest contributors were the food, beverage, and tobacco (groups), which experienced inflation of as much as 8.26 percent (yoy). The commodities which predominantly (affected) the inflation (rate) were cooking oil, chili peppers, shallots, and kretek cigarettes with filters," the BPS head said.
Meanwhile, the transportation category also experienced annual inflation of 5.45 percent. Two items in the category—airplane tariffs and fuel— were the biggest contributors to the inflation.
"Next up, the category which had a rather huge (impact) on annual inflation was household items and regular maintenance, (which contributed) as much as 4.77 percent (yoy), with the dominant commodities being detergents and domestic workers' pay," he added. 


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