President Joko Widodo (Photo:MI)
President Joko Widodo (Photo:MI)

President Jokowi Distributes BSU, BLT BBM Assistance to Baubau Residents

Antara • 27 September 2022 15:08
Kendari: Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) handed over Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) and Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) for Fuel Oil (BBM) to workers in Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi, Tuesday.
The president said that nationwide, the distribution of BSU had reached 7,077,000 workers, or 48.3 percent of the total target.
"So far, the government had distributed more than seven million BSU to the beneficiaries, or around 48.3 percent of the target. This is very good progress," Jokowi noted on the sidelines of the distribution of BSU and BLT BBM at the Post Office in Baubau, Tuesday.

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Accompanied by Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah and Southeast Sulawesi Governor Ali Mazi, Jokowi handed over BSU to 100 workers' representatives in the city.
On this occasion, the head of state also handed over BLT BBM to 100 representatives of Baubau residents, who were entitled to receive the aid.
"The realization of BLT BBM, so far, has reached 19,700,000 beneficiaries, meaning that it has reached 95.9 percent, and it is almost complete. By the end of the year, it will be completed," he added.
The number of BSU recipients in Baubau City totaled 1,867 workers, while the number of BLT BBM beneficiaries reached 12,106 beneficiary families (KPM).
After distributing BSU and BLT BBM, the head of state left the Baubau Post Office for Wameo Market to visit several traders in the market.
BLT BBM is direct cash assistance from the government to beneficiaries worth Rp150 thousand per person that will be given per month for a period of four months. The assistance will be disbursed twice through various channels of the Indonesian Post Office.
The government also provided wage subsidy assistance (BSU) worth Rp600 thousand to 16 million workers, with a maximum salary of Rp3.5 million per month, which is paid once, with a budget of Rp9.6 trillion.
Jokowi said the cash assistance was a form of the government's efforts to maintain the people's purchasing power amid the rising commodities prices in line with the fuel price adjustment.



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