Nasdem Party treasurer, Ahmad Sahroni. Photo: Medcom
Nasdem Party treasurer, Ahmad Sahroni. Photo: Medcom

Three Chairman will Determine the Time Announcing Anies' Vice Presidential Candidate

Fachri Audhia Hafiez • 09 June 2023 22:54
Jakarta: The NasDem Party said that determining the time for the announcement of the vice presidential candidate for Anies Baswedan was not easy. This is because it must be based on the agreement of the three parties in the Change Coalition for Unity.
"It's not that easy to announce. Because the three coalition parties are still communicating significantly," said the General Treasurer of the NasDem Party DPP Ahmad Sahroni at the DPR Complex, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Thursday, June 8, 2023.
Sahroni said that there was rhetoric in determining the candidate for the vice president. Only the general chairmen of the three parties in the coalition can determine the day.

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"When I don't know what day it is, only the ketum (chairman) knows," said Sahroni.
He also explained that the rhetoric in determining the day of the announcement did not mean there was a split in the coalition. The debate is called commonplace to determine the best time.
"So everything is still dynamic, nothing is uncertain, everything is incomplete. So it's still dynamic, to the right, to the left, up, down, everything is still dynamic," said Sahroni.
The vice presidential candidate (cawapres) for the presidential candidate (candidate) Anies Baswedan will be announced soon. The latest deadline is 16 July 2023.
"Pak Surya (National Chair of the NasDem Party Surya Paloh) has given when the maximum time limit for July 16 will be declared, no later than July 16," said the chairman of the DPP NasDem Party Willy Aditya at the NasDem Tower, Central Jakarta, Friday, June 2, 2023.
Willy explained that Anies already has the name of the vice president However, he could not reveal his current figure, this was based on a joint decision. (Kevin Schreiber)


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