Navy commanders must also understand the national law. (Photo:
Navy commanders must also understand the national law. (Photo:

Indonesian Navy Commanders Must Enhance Combat Instincts: Chief of Staff

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Antara • 19 May 2022 16:10
Jakarta: Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) Chief of Staff Admiral Yudo Margono urged commanders of naval bases, naval battalions, and navy warships to increase their combat instincts amid various security challenges in the Indonesian seas.
"For officers in navy warships, operational and patrol instincts (are a must) while facing or observing a suspicious situation (at sea). Those instincts will help them promptly interpret (the suspicious matter) to decide the most proper response," Margono noted in his written statement here on Thursday.
Margono, along with Navy Vice Chief of Staff, Vice Admiral Ahmadi Heri Purwono, presided over a routine briefing to commanders of navy units and navy warships through video conference on Wednesday.

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During the meeting, the navy chief of staff urged officers to bolster security operations in the Indonesian maritime territory.
As the national maritime territory is vulnerable to security threats, enhancing naval operations at sea will be essential for the navy, he remarked while adding that navy commanders must have sufficient proficiency and comprehension of the respective operation areas under their jurisdiction.
"Understand your work field and comprehend your operation area according to the respective responsibilities to monitor vulnerable or vital regions. Thus, the unit commander will know (for instance) which areas are vulnerable to smuggling crimes," Margono explained.
The navy chief of staff also instructed commanders of navy units and navy warships to not hesitate and not be afraid to take prompt decisions if they observe a violation in their operation area or within the navy unit.
Navy commanders must also understand the national law to help them take proper decisions in critical situations without waiting for their superior's instruction if a violation occurs in the sea or the navy unit while also coordinating with relevant authorities in their area, he added.
"(Proper measures) will make all issues to be addressed promptly," Margono remarked.


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