Illustration (Photo:MI/Panca Syurkani)
Illustration (Photo:MI/Panca Syurkani)

KPK Submits Letter to Jakarta Govt over End of Water Privatization

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10 Mei 2019 18:34
Jakarta: The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has submitted a letter to Governor Anies Baswedan seeking clarification on end of the privatization of portable water in Jakarta Province (DKI).
"We are seeking an explanation of the drinking water governance evaluation team since the KPK is overseeing various aspects in connection with the management of drinking water in the DKI, and there is a risk of a cooperation agreement clause failing to cater to the interests of the DKI provincial government and the community, at large," KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah remarked in Jakarta, Friday.
Diansyah pointed to this being a matter of concern for the KPK since along with its objects linked to the basic needs of the wider community, there was a risk of irregularities if several issues were to be discussed at the trial at the district court up to the Supreme Court.

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"Hence, this afternoon, the Public Complaints Directorate has sought an explanation from the management team over the DKI provincial government's plan on the expiry of the 2023 contract with Palyja and Aetra," Diansyah noted.
The Directorate of Public Complaints along with the KPK R & D Directorate were attendees at the meeting, held on Friday afternoon at the KPK building.
Diansyah remarked that the Commission has expressed concern over the development of DKI Jakarta Province's water privatization case from the district court to the Supreme Court.
"With developments in the judicial process, there is a risk of loss in terms of the cooperation agreement worth some Rp1.2 trillion between PAM Jaya, Aetra, and Palyja," Diansyah remarked.
Despite the Supreme Court having taken a decision on the Judicial Review (PK) in this case, several substantial findings should be borne in mind for the best interests of the DKI Provincial Government and society, at large.
The KPK is looking for the ongoing process in the DKI provincial government to be conducted in a truly accountable manner, the principles of integrity to be applied, and the interests of the community being upheld as the main evaluation tool in preparing the policy.
"This is significant to lower the risk of corruption in future," Diansyah stated.
Last month, Jakarta-owned water supply company PAM JAYA and private water supply company PT Aetra Air signed an agreement to follow up an order of Governor Baswedan to PAM JAYA to take over clean water management in Jakarta from two private companies, Aetra and Palyja. (Antara)


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