Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD (Photo: MI)
Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD (Photo: MI)

Prosecutors Will Not Be Swayed in Ferdy Sambo Trial: Minister

Antara • 20 January 2023 14:01
Jakarta: Prosecutors would not be swayed by parties seeking to influence the trial of Brigadier Yosua Hutabarat's murder case implicating former high-ranking police officer Ferdy Sambo, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD stated.
"I assure you that the prosecutors will remain independent and would not be swayed by those 'underground movements,'" Mahfud remarked at the ministry office here, Thursday.
While admitting the presence of some parties attempting to influence the prosecutors to free or sentence Sambo according to their wishes, he noted that prosecutors could contain themselves from being influenced by them.

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"If some say a brigadier general approached A or B, just tell me his name, I have many major generals (to back me). If you have a major general that wants to press in court or the prosecutors, I have my lieutenant generals. (The prosecutors) indeed can maintain their independence," the coordinating minister remarked.
Efforts have also been taken to remind judges and prosecutors to maintain their independence, he added.
Meanwhile, Mahfud said that the case involving Sambo, the former head of the police's professional and security division, had drawn the interest of many people.
The coordinating minister also said that he understood public disappointment with the prosecutor's decision to seek a 12-year sentence against Second Constable (Bharada) Richard Eliezer despite his status as justice collaborator.
"The trial will continue with the defendant's defence statement before the judge delivers their verdict. I believe that the Attorney General's Office has been independent (on this case), and we will ensure they continue to do so," Mahfud stated.
Earlier, the prosecutors demanded that Ferdy Sambo be sentenced to life imprisonment and Richard Eliezer be sentenced to 12 years in prison.
The prosecutors also sought eight years in prison for Sambo's wife, Putri Candrawathi, and other defendants, Kuat Ma'ruf and Ricky Rizal, who were involved in Brigadier Hutabarat's murder.
The five defendants were charged with violating Article 340, subsidiary Article 338, in conjunction with Article 55, paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code.


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