"Solidity and synergy between the military and the police must be preserved together. (Photo: medcom.id)

Indonesian Army Should Maintain Synergy with Police: TNI Commander

Antara • 27 December 2022 19:09
Jakarta: Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) Commander Admiral Yudo Margono underscored the need for the Indonesian Army's Special Forces Command (Kopassus TNI AD) to maintain synergy and solidity with the Indonesian Police to preserve national integrity.
"(Synergy can be maintained) by organizing activities that will positively impact the people," Margono stated while receiving the honorary red beret, commando brevet, and commando sword from the special forces at the Kopassus Headquarters here, Tuesday.
The TNI commander remarked that awarding the commando brevet to Indonesian Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo at the same ceremony emphasized the commitment to realizing synergy between both institutions.

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"Solidity and synergy between the military and the police must be preserved together because it is an absolute must to achieve a just and prosperous Indonesia," the TNI commander stated.
Meanwhile, Police Chief Prabowo said that the bestowal of the commando brevet from Kopassus would bolster synergy and solidity between TNI and police officers nationwide.
"All this time, we are always together in executing challenging tasks posed by the country to us, and Praise be to God, the TNI and police's synergy and solidity makes all duties and challenges (to be) resolved easily," Prabowo remarked.
He pointed out that synergy between the military and police was a factor behind Indonesia's COVID-19 pandemic handling being commended by the international community.
"Moreover, we are also successful in organizing the G20 Summit in Bali as well as securing the populace and improving our nation's image," the police chief noted.
Prabowo also affirmed that the police would synergize with the military in facing various security threats from separatists and terror groups and in special operations in Papua and Sulawesi.
"Therefore, today is a historic moment to enhance and bolster synergy and solidity between the TNI and the police," he remarked.



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