Kemayoran Athletes Village (Photo:MI/Vicky Gustiawan)
Kemayoran Athletes Village (Photo:MI/Vicky Gustiawan)

Jakarta's Wisma Atlet Hospital for COVID-19 Treating 1,798 Inpatients

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Antara • 09 January 2022 14:26
Jakarta: Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital for COVID-19 in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, are currently treating a total of 1,798 inpatients.
"All patients with confirmed COVID-19, comprising 777 male and 1,021 female patients, are being treated at Tower 5 and Tower 6," Marine Colonel Aris Muldian, a spokesman of the emergency hospital, said in a statement here on Sunday.
The number increased by 192 patients from the previous data, which was 1,606 people. The total number of patients recovering from COVID-19 at Wisma Atlet has reached 128,671 people so far.

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As of January 9, 2022, a total of 1,059 people have been referred to other hospitals and 596 people have died, according to data of the emergency hospital for COVID-19 which was set up on March 23, 2020.
The hospital has received a total of 132,124 inpatients and 130,326 of them have been discharged during the period from March 23 to January 9, 2022.
Meanwhile, the Galang Island Special Infection Hospital (RSKI) for COVID-19 is currently treating 359 inpatients comprising 246 male patients and 113 female patients, according to Aris Muldian
From April 12, 2020 to January 8, 2022, the Galang Island Hospital had recorded a total of 18,251 inpatients and 17,891 of them had been discharged, while one patient had died, he added.
The Indonesian government announced the country's first COVID-cases on March 2, 2020. The nation began COVID-19 vaccination rollout on January 13, 2021.

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