President Joko Widodo lauded the Buton Sultanate. (Photo:
President Joko Widodo lauded the Buton Sultanate. (Photo:

President Jokowi Commends Buton Sultanate for Preserving Local Wisdom

Antara • 27 September 2022 15:26
Jakarta: Indonesian President Joko Widodo lauded the Buton Sultanate for keeping the local wisdom alive amid the influx of modernization and foreign culture.
"I really praise the care, the preservation of customs, the preservation of traditions, and the preservation of local wisdom in Buton Sultanate. Despite modernization, foreign cultures continue to undermine our culture, but I see that customs, traditions, local wisdom, and manners are still maintained and cared for in Buton Sultanate, Southeast Sulawesi," the president noted in his speech at the conferment of the Buton Sultanate traditional honorary degree hosted at the Baruga Palace of the Buton Sultanate, Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi Province, on Tuesday.
The head of state also expressed gratitude to the Sultan of Buton, La Ode Muhammad Izat Manarfa, for the title bestowed upon him.

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"I would like to express my utmost gratitude to His Majesty, the Sultan of Buton, Mr. La Ode Muhammad Izat Manarfa and all traditional institution members of the Buton Sultanate, who have bestowed the title upon me, that is La Ode Muhammad Lakina Bhawaangi yi Nusantara," he said.
Kapitalao Matanaiyo, or Commander of the Eastern Section of the Traditional Institution of Buton Sultanate La Ode Muhamad Arsal, gave a brief explanation of the meaning of the title given to the president.
He said that La was a greeting for a man in the local community.
Ode was a compliment given to someone, with charisma and noble traits that included good attitude and behavior, humility, politeness, wisdom, honesty and fairness, setting good examples, and being committed to pursuing welfare and prosperity of the people.
Muhammad meant praiseworthy, and Muhammad is also a term for people, who do noble deeds, so they deserve to be praised.
Lakina was a position that denoted leader of a region or country.
Bhawaangi was the area or scope of work that had become the person's authority and responsibility on managing all potential resources in it.
Nusantara was a term derived from ancient Javanese language, comprising two words -- Nusa and Antara -- that were heavily influenced by Sanskrit.
"Hence, the honorary titles for the customs and culture of the Sultanate of Buton bestowed on the President of the Republic of Indonesia are La Ode Muhammad, Lakina Bhawaangi Yi Nusantara," he explained.
Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah, Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia, Governor of Southeast Sulawesi Ali Mazi, and Mayor of Baubau City La Ode Ahmad Monianse were also present during the visit. 



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