The number of refugees in the main refugee camp reached around 2,800 people. (Photo:
The number of refugees in the main refugee camp reached around 2,800 people. (Photo:

Death Toll from Earthquake Climbs to 6: West Pasaman Govt

Antara • 28 February 2022 21:44
Jakarta: An official from the West Pasaman Communication and Informatics Service reported that the death toll from a 6.1-magnitude earthquake in West Pasaman District, West Sumatra, on February 25 increased by one to reach six.
"More deaths were reported due to the earthquake. Thus, the death toll has increased to six people," Head of the West Pasaman Communications and Informatics Service Edi Murdani noted on Monday.
Murdani remarked that one person who died was Endra Watib, 51, a resident of Jorong Lubuk Landua, Pasaman Sub-district.

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He died on February 27 at around 7:45 local time. The patient felt dizzy after the earthquake and was immediately taken to Yarsi Hospital and died on Sunday, Murdani stated.
Earlier, five people had died as a result of the earthquake: Asri Dewi Lestari, 24; Fatih, 2, the residents of Jembatan Panjang; Nevi Herawati, 47, a resident of Pasa Lamo Kajai; Anismar, 70, a resident of Kajai; and Lawiyah, 70, a resident of Pasia Nagari Kajai Village in Talamau Sub-district.
Meanwhile, the West Pasaman District Government continues to distribute logistics to earthquake victims and refugee camps in the sub-districts of Talamau and Kinali.
Most of the earthquake victims stayed in the main refugee camp in the West Pasaman District Government office. They survived the earthquake but were still traumatized by the aftershocks and landslides of Mount Talamau.
"The number of refugees in the main refugee camp reached around 2,800 people and some have returned home," Murdani noted.
Meanwhile, other refugees also stayed in tents around Talamau Sub-District. The total number of refugees reached 10,700 people.
Data from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) showed that the West Pasaman earthquake on February 25, 2022, caused material losses in one educational facility, banking facilities, a community meeting hall, and the hall of the West Pasaman Head's Office.
The BNPB urged residents to not be provoked by negative issues circulating that trigger panic among members of the community. In addition, after the earthquake, residents should ensure the structural strength of the building before entering it. 

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