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Illustration ( Rizal)

Soldiers Run Mobile Library to Help Boost Papuan Students' Literacy

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Antara • 12 August 2020 16:51
Jayapura: The Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Border Security Task Force from the 125/Simbisa Infantry Battalion demonstrated its care for boosting Papuan students' literacy by developing the habit of reading and piquing curiosity through a mobile library service.
Operated by three army personnel, led by Second Sergeant J. H. Manullang, the mobile library serves the students of Sota Village, Merauke Regency, Papua Province, the task force's commander, Lt Col Anjuanda Pardosi, noted in a statement on Wednesday.
The mobile library serves students living in the Indonesia-PNG border area amid the ongoing global pandemic of the covid-19 that has disrupted learning activities at schools.

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The mobile library service is envisaged to stir local students to develop a habit of reading since it will broaden their mind and expand their knowledge of several aspects of life. "Books serve as a window of the world," he emphasized.
Through books offered by the mobile library service, a habit of reading can be cultivated among the local students, Pardosi affirmed, adding that apart from rousing their curiosity, the free library service is also part of the task force's territorial operational program.
The residents of Sota Village welcome the mobile library service offered by the border security task force.
"We thank the task force personnel for their care for our kids," stated Alfons Katop, a resident of Sota Village whose administrative area is part of the Indonesia-PNG border area.
According to ANTARA, the development of human resources remains a tricky challenge for Papua and West Papua as the human development index of scores of these provinces remains lower as compared to that of other provinces in Indonesia. (antara)

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