Indonesian haj candidates ready to embark. Photo: Antara
Indonesian haj candidates ready to embark. Photo: Antara

Five Groups of Indonesian Hajj Candidates Arrive in Mecca

Antara • 02 June 2023 16:36
Jakarta: A total of 1,897 Indonesian hajj candidates who are members of five flight groups which departed for the first time from Medina, have arrived in Mecca.
Saudi Arabia Hajj Pilgrimage Organizing Officer (PPIH) 1444 H Subhan Cholid together with the hotel manager welcomed the arrival of prospective pilgrims for the SOC 1 embarkation accompanied by hadroh and various decorations in the hotel lobby.
"Thank God, physically they are healthy, fit and very happy to be able to arrive in the Holy City of Mecca," said Subhan Cholid in Mecca, Thursday, June 2, 2023, reported Antara in Jakarta.

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A total of five groups arrived in Mecca, namely from Jakarta Pondok Gede (JKG 01), Solo (SOC) 01, Makassar (UPG) 01, Aceh (BTJ 01) and Medan (KNO 01). The committee has prepared Shalawat bus transportation facilities to transport pilgrims who will perform their first Umrah.
"Anytime the pilgrims want to go for Umrah, the Shalawat bus is ready to serve them to the Grand Mosque," said Subhan.
Meanwhile, one of the Mecca worship advisors, Rahmatillah, said that the pilgrimage would be adjusted to the conditions of the congregation. "Those who use wheelchairs can perform Umrah after dawn," said Rahmatillah.
The worship supervisor will accompany the congregation, one of which is on the bus. In addition, officers will continue to educate the congregation to prioritize obligatory worship over sunnah to maintain physical fitness ahead of the peak of the pilgrimage. (Kevin Schreiber)


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