Illustration ( Rizal)
Illustration ( Rizal)

New Jakarta Police Chief Promises to Oversee Novel's Case

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Whisnu Mardiansyah, Christopher Harindra • 07 Januari 2020 18:14
Jakarta: Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Nana Sudjana promised to solve the acid attack against senior investigator Novel Baswedan of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). He will oversee the legal process.
"I will continue to oversee this case and until now it is still under investigation by a technical team," Nana said at the Criminal Investigation Police Unit Headquarters, Jalan Trunojoyo, South Jakarta on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.
The two-star police general asked the public to patiently await the completion of the case. The technical team is gathering information about the case.

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"I just came in. Im asking for time," he said.
Inspector General Nana was officially inaugurated as the Jakarta Police Chief replacing Commissioner General Gatot Eddy Purnomo. Gatot was appointed as Deputy Chief of Police to replace Commissioner General Arie Dono who is retiring.
Novel Baswedan was examined by Jakarta Metropolitan Police investigators on Monday, January 6, 2020. Novel was asked 36 questions related to the chronology of the attack.
The police arrested the suspects, RM and RB on Thursday, December 26, 2019. The two assailants are now in the Detention Center (Rutan) of the Indonesian Police Headquarters for 20 days.


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