Relations between the people of Bogor and Sukabumi will be improved. (Photo:
Relations between the people of Bogor and Sukabumi will be improved. (Photo:

Bogor Mayors Supports Plan to Reoperate Bogor-Sukabumi Railway

Antara • 04 April 2022 18:05
Bogor: Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto supported the plan to reoperate the Bogor-Sukabumi railway from Padelang Station to Cicurug Station, Sukabumi, which would kick off next week and be beneficial for the two areas.
When it was still operating some time back, the public had shown huge enthusiasm to take a ride on the train despite having to order the tickets two weeks in advance, he remarked here, Monday.
The mayor noted that Transportation Minister, Budi Karya Sumadi, had rebuilt the Bogor-Sukabumi two-way lane by taking into consideration economic tourism of the two areas as a means to adhere to the regional development design.

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After officiation, the Bogor-Sukabumi railway would pass through the Padelang and Batutulis stations in Bogor; Ciomas, Cigombong, and Maseng stations in Bogor District; as well as Cicurug Station is Sukabumi District.
Relations between the people of Bogor and Sukabumi will be improved owing to the station's establishment.
"There are prospective sites in Bogor City and Sukabumi that are included by Mr. Minister in this railway (project). Of course, we (welcome the initiative)," he stated.
The minister conducted a trial inspection of the Bogor-Sukabumi Railway from Padelang Station on the first day of Ramadan on April 3 after its operation had ceased for eight months due to the two-way lane project.
Sumadi announced that the railway would be officiated once more by the end of the week or at least the following week, still during Ramadan.
He ensured that the trains would be able to effectively transport more people, who sought to celebrate 2022 Eid in their hometowns. Minister Sumadi also reminded people to wait for additional information on the fees and schedules from PT KAI.


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