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Illustration ( Rizal)

Several Houses in Aceh Ravaged by Wild Elephants

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Antara • 05 Desember 2019 16:57
Suka Makmue: A herd of wild elephants pounded through a residential complex in Blang Lango Village, East Seunagan, Nagan Raya, Aceh Province, in the past few days. The herd plundered tens of houses in its path.
"Tens of houses have been destroyed owing to the elephants rampaging through this area," Chief of Blang Lango Village Oediyantri remarked in Suka Makmue on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.
According to him, the elephants also destroyed second crops, banana trees, and palm oil plantations. The elephants' rampage compelled most local residents to flee to other villages over fears of the safety of their families being endangered.

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"The local community is extremely afraid since the herd of elephants was still roaming about in the local transmigration area until Wednesday night," he revealed.
Nevrtheless, Oediyantri was as yet unable to give an exact figure of the houses destroyed by the herd of wild elephants. He said village apparatuses are still calculating the damage.
The village chief has pinned high hopes of the Aceh Provincial Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) soon dispatching a team of its officers to the scene to deal with the problem of rampaging elephants. In June 2019, a herd of 12 elephants also ran amok in the villages of Blang Lango and nearby Tuwi Meuleusong. (Antara)


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