Residents relocated to the site will receive a new house. (Photo:
Residents relocated to the site will receive a new house. (Photo:

Govt Readies 16-Hectare Land for Cianjur Quake Victims' Relocation: BNPB

Antara • 01 December 2022 11:58
Jakarta: The Indonesian government has readied 16 hectares of land for relocation of residents whose houses were heavily damaged in the November-21 quake in Cianjur District, West Java, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB).
BNPB Chairperson Suharyanto stated that while the regional authority assigned the land plot for the relocation, it will be the central government's responsibility to construct new houses.
"The 16-hectare (plot of) land has been readied. The district head and the team will later determine residents who will be relocated to the site," Suharyanto stated during his visit to Sirnagalih Village, Cianjur District, as per the statement on Thursday.

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Residents relocated to the site will receive a new house, and they would be prohibited to return to their damaged house, he remarked.
"Once relocated (residents) have acquired their new home and land rights, their old (house) site will be controlled by the government to discourage them from returning," the BNPB head noted.
The government will demolish the damaged homes and transform the site into a green area for water infiltration to prevent the area from being inhabited by residents, he said.
On Wednesday (November 30), the BNPB head and Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Cultural Affairs Muhadjir Effendy visited areas affected by the earthquake in Cianjur District, West Java.
During their visit, they monitored the construction of a model house developed by the RISHA (Healthy, Simple Instant Homes) technology.
"Your home will be the model house for residents, (and we develop) the 36-type house with the RISHA technology," Suharyanto told a resident whose house was reconstructed by the government in Ciwalen Village, Warungkondang Sub-district.
Residents could start repairing minor damages in their houses, he remarked while affirming that the government is also ready to fulfil the demand for family-sized tents if requested.
The officials also visited the Cugenang Junior High School No. 1 that was heavily damaged by the quake and a refugee shelter in Sarampad Village, located at the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango. 



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