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Illustration ( Rizal)

Swab Testing Mandated for Teachers in Garut Regency

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Antara • 21 August 2020 13:36
Garut: The Garut regency administration, West Java, has made it obligatory for teachers, especially with a history of close contact with confirmed covid-19 patients to undergo swab tests to contain covid-19 transmission in schools.
"Admittedly, a teacher had reportedly tested positive for covid-19. Hence, all teachers must undergo swab tests," Garut Vice Regent Helmi Budiman stated here on Thursday.
Budiman emphasized the need for all teachers and members of the community to abide by health protocols to curb the transmission of covid-19.

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During the covid-19 pandemic, it would be a better, safer, and more prudent option for teachers in Garut to work from home to prevent the spread of covid-19, according to Budiman.
"We suggest teachers to not go to school during this time. It would be better for them to work from home," he stated.
Budiman noted that the government was mulling over starting face-to-face learning in green and yellow zones.
Before schools are opened, they must follow health protocols, including providing hand sanitizers, necessitating the use of face masks, and ensuring that teachers and students are in good health, he remarked.
"Before schools are opened, teachers should ensure that they are in good health after undergoing swab testing," he added.
Head of the Garut Regency Education Office Totong spoke of having received a report of a teacher being exposed to covid-19 and currently receiving intensive treatment. (antara)


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